Winona Wyatt

Piper Lee 

Winona Wyatt is a well-versed actress, musician, and writer, based in Philadelphia, PA. She is transformative performer with the ability to take on many genres of music, roles and personalities. From taking on the role of a rebellious army recruit in a national play to leading in a TV commercial or slaying a brilliant solo piano performance, you never know where you’ll find her next. Her solo performances are breath-taking and pull gently on the heartstrings, as she sings with depth, soul and grace. As a seasoned performer, her sound is gentle on the ear and felt with much emotion, as you experience the vulnerability in her writing and song performance. Winona has always been a fan of listening to a wide range of podcasts and she's excited to step into the world of performing on a fictional series, bringing together her love of performing and sci-fi.

Danyelle Ellett


Danyelle Ellett attended Christopher Newport University for a BA in Theater (a concentration in Acting/Stage management) with a minor in Leadership. She balances her corporate job, being a wife, and fur mum with her creative endeavors for Good Pointe Podcasts, as well as lending her voice and talents to outside productions such as this amazing show, Null/Void, as well as The Subjective Truth, and Donuts and Margarita’s to name a few recent productions.

Azul Nova


Azul Nova is from a small but flourishing town in Canada. She is Canadian-Filipino and currently attending university for a sociology degree. She is a beginner voice actor but has always been passionate about the dramatic, on and off stage. In their free time, they enjoy playing video games, watching YouTube, and geeking out about their interests. They can be found on Twitter @superazulnova

Evan Saft


Evan Saft is an experienced actor whose previous credits include starring roles in productions of The Odd Couple, Ha!, and Murder by Midnight. With their previous work being mainly on stage, Evan is happy to have Null/Void as their audiodrama debut. They can also be heard on Poplar Kids, a Kids on Bikes actual play, as Pat Benson, or on their actual play podcast Roll Out!, where they take the role of Your Friendly Neighborhood GM to tell stories of gay teen superheros. They can be found on Twitter @NamesEquipped

Sena Bryer


Sena is an actor and author originally from Louisville, Kentucky, now working out of Los Angeles. Her most notable roles are as Cpt. Mika Harris in The Pilgrimage Saga, Heather Lovely in Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services, and the narrator of the Steam Whistle Alley audiobook, by Joshua Mason. She also is the author of the Dreambound novel series. Outside of work, you're most like to find her hiking, playing some tabletop RPG, petting a dog, or doing fancy latte art (despite having no taste for coffee). She can be found on twitter @senabryer

PJ Kanis

Kyron Royal

PJ Kanis is a bisexual amateur voice actor from Ontario Canada, trying to live his best life. PJ has been voice acting as a hobby for a little over a year now, often portraying tough and older men, and usually lending his voice to animations, audio dramas, and fandubs of all genres. When he's not recording vocals or editing, he enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and talking with friends. You can find him on twitter @PeeJVA or on their YouTube Channel

Marcie Hobbs


Marcie Hobbs is a trans-woman content creator and voice talent living in the southeast United States. When she's not acting she can also be found making video essays and other similar content on her YouTube channel, NezumiVA. She enjoys literary analysis, horror movies, and bombastic anime. You can find them on Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr @NezumiVA. You can also send them an email at

Kara Bruntz

Isobella Royal

Kara Bruntz is thrilled to be apart of Null/Void! She is a voice and stage actress located in Texas. She spent her undergrad training at Stephen F. Austin State University, Rose Bruford College (London), and Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Directing. In her free time she enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing RPGs, and living out her emo days jamming to pop punk. While she is new in to the voice acting scene, she looks forward to Null/Void and all future adventures! She can be found on twitter @Karabruntz

Jona Lune

Jasper Royal

Jona is a voice actor and singer based in the greater Boston area. She has lent her voice to a number audio dramas, animations, and fiction podcasts. Outside of voice over and singing she dabbles in writing and sculpture. You can find her on twitter @cryptic_msg or send her an email at

JV Hampton-VanSant


JV Hampton-VanSant is a voice actor, writer and podcaster. They co-host Crime In Color and Wannabe Film Buffs. They host JV Reads The T. They created the podcast, RedWing: The Audio Drama.

Cole Burkhardt

Creator, Director

Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has tried everything from streaming tabletop games on Twitch to spelunking deep underground. They have been in a variety of podcasts, including Godshead Incidental, Unplaced and Lavender Ladies. When he's not voice acting or editing audio, he's going to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in media. Cole can be contacted on Twitter @kingcoleminer or by email at

Donald Guzzi

Audio Editor

Donald has been an audio engineering and voice acting since 2013. After graduating from SAE Institute in Miami, he’s currently a 5.1 Surround Sound Mixer for a local post-production house. He has worked with clients such as HBO, Amazon, Netflix, TriF Studios and more, as both an engineer and voice talent. He’s extremely driven, passionate and strives to always bring his best to the table.Donald can be found on Instagram @action_audio or by emailing

Jonsey Jones

Audio Editor

Jonesy Jones is a performer and sound designer living in Chicago, IL. He recently graduated from Northwestern University's Sound Arts and Industries MA program. His recent credits include Happy Birthday Mars Rover (Passage Theater), Director's Haven (Haven Theater), and Unpopular Music. At time of writing, he's regretting staying up until 4 am the night before. he can be found on Twitter @YesThisIsJonesy